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  • L.J.A.D. Creyghton

  • Photographer

About the Photographer >

‘L.J.A.D. Creyghton is a famous Dutch landscape photographer with a long track record. At dusk or at dawn, when the light paints the landscape, one can find him on ridges, in the middle of meadows or along streams and forest edges. His ‘classic’ pictures show us not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the elusiveness and it’s richness. They force us exactly where to look and to take time. The photographer tries to get closer to the genius loci of places and shows that his quest means waiting, listening and very good observation.’ Margriet Kemper / Pels & Kemper Publishers ‘s-Hertogenbosch

‘Creyghton is the master of the ‘slow picture.’ Gerrit v/d Hoven / Brabants Dagblad

‘Not all Creyghton’s landscapes are so pure and innocent as they initially seem.’ Pim Milo / Credits, Amsterdam

‘What a unparalleled beauty! For me Creyghton made the best book on Dutch landscape.’ Laurens Reitsma / / Holland Album

L.J.A.D. Creyghton (Apeldoorn / NL, 1954) is a photographer / visual artist and a professor at the academy of arts & design AKV I St.Joost. He lives and works in Haaren [NBr] and exhibits in the Netherlands and abroad.

Publications, a.o.: Saskia de Bodt / L.J.A.D. Creyghton; Schildersdorpen in Nederland_Terra Lannoo, Warnsveld, 2004 I L.J.A.D. Creyghton; Holland Album_Terra Lannoo, Warnsveld, 2005 I Sander Grip; van buitenhuis tot ambtswoning Het Catshuis, ministerie Algemene Zaken, ’s-Gravenhage, 2007 I Serge van Duijnhoven / L.J.A.D. Creyghton: Wat ik zie kan ik niet zijn_Pels & Kemper, ’s-Hertogenbosch, 2011 I L.J.A.D. Creyghton, Rik Torfs, Lucy L.Schlüter: Quaevis Terra Patria_Stichting Erasmusfestival Brabant, 2011 I Tracy Metz / Maartje van den Heuvel: Zoet & Zout, de Nederlanders en het water_Nai Publishers, 2012 I “Hadden we maar dezelfde taal gesproken!” / L.J.A.D. Creyghton – Serge R. van Duijnhoven, et al, 2016 (uitg. Rubinstein Publishers)

His work is included in many private and public collections, a.o.: Achmea, Leiden I Baker & McKenzie, Amsterdam I De Pont museum, Tilburg I official residence of the Dutch prime-minister, Het Catshuis, ’s-Gravenhage I Embassy of the Netherlands, Berlin I Embassy of the Netherlands, New York I Enexis, ’s-Hertogenbosch I Fontys Hogescholen I Holland-America Line, Rotterdam-NewYork I ING, Amsterdam I Instituut Collectie Nederland, ’s-Gravenhage I Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, ’s-Gravenhage I Noordbrabants Museum,’s-Hertogenbosch I Rabobank, Utrecht I Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden I Royal Caribbean International, Miami-USA I Universiteit van Tilburg I UMC’s Leiden-Utrecht I Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen

Creyghton is represented by: Jan van Hoof Galerie, ’s-Hertogenbosch I Galerie Nouvelles Images, The Hague I IImage Library London

  • Serge R. van Duijnhoven

  • Writer / Historian

About the Author >

‘In his book Ossensia, Serge van Duijnhoven gives voice to a motley crowd of libertines, knife-fighters, nomads, ragmen, relatives, heroes and outcasts. Robust Brabant characters in the memory and imagination of the writer, but sometimes also in the memory of the Maasland where they permanently acquired a place.’ Wouter ter Haar / Brabants Dagblad

‘An interesting writer.’ Alfred Kossman / Rotterdams Dagblad

‘Serge van Duijnhoven is a storyteller who’s striking manner exhibits his love for small, local and simultaneously meaningful detail.’ Gerrit Komrij in Tot diep in het donker

‘Serge van Duijnhoven is a Van Gogh painting with words.’ Jeroen Junte / Volkskrant

Serge R. van Duijnhoven (Oss / NL, 1970) is a writer, poet and historian living in Brussels. He is the founder of TimeBook Millennium and Art Group Low Countries. He stayed in Sarajevo for De Morgen and De Volkskrant. In 1993 he debuted with the poetry collection Het paleis van de slaap / The palace of sleep (Prometheus). Serge Duijnhoven is the frontman of dichters dansen niet (Poets Do Not Dance) orchestra.

Publications, a.o.: De zomer die nog komen moest (Nieuw Amsterdam) I Klipdrift (Nieuw Amsterdam) I {Balkan}Wij noemen het rozen (Podium) I Fotografen in tijden van oorlog (Ludion) I Obiit in orbit; aan het andere einde van de nacht (De Bezige Bij) I Bloedtest (De Bezige Bij) I Ossensia Brabantse gezangen (Jan Cunen) I Wat ik zie kan ik niet zijn, een dichter op zoek naar de bronnen van Het Groene Woud (Pels & Kemper) I Le Grand Tour (Avans Hogeschool) I Vuurproef I “Hadden we maar dezelfde taal gesproken!”

Serge R. van Duijnhoven is a freelance assistant for Vrij Nederland magazine I I International Feature Agency I Since 2008 — as ‘Our Man in Cannes’ — he reports on the contemporary film world for a variety of new and periodic media in Flanders, the Netherlands, Asia and the USA.