Acclaimed Flemish authors

We are delighted that three acclaimed Flemish authors last week confirmed their participation in the Hindenburg Line Project:

Prof. dr. Geert Buelens (1971), Flemish poet, essayist , columnist, professor of Modern Dutch Literature at the University of Utrecht and author of Europe to Europe! About the poets of the Great War.

Tom Lanoye (1958) , poet, columnist and winner Constantijn Huygens Prize for 2013 and author of Gelukkige Slaven, Ten Oorlog and No Man’s Land, poems from the Great War.

David Van Reybrouck (1971), cultural historian , archaeologist and author of “Congo, a history” for which he received the AKO Literature Prize . Van Reybrouck is an authority on the impact WWI to the present time and, more recently, in August 2014, one of VPRO’s television ‘Zomergasten’.

Our future cooperation will initially consist of deepening and broadening our Educational module.