99 years ago

According to tradition, today March 17 at 16:00h it is exactly ninety-nine years ago that the famous French writer/poet Guillaume Apollinaire was wounded in the Bois des Butte at La Ville-aux-Bois et Pontavert, a small town near the Chemin des Dames.  A shrapnel pierced his helmet and his head. He got surgery several times; also… Lees verder 99 years ago

Back from the Vosges area

  Last week writer and photographer visited the snowy slopes and summits of Lac Blanc, de Col du Bonhomme, Col du Linge, Col de la Schlucht and Col du Chapelotte. With temperatures up to minus 16 ° C and the occasional blizzard, it was freezing cold in the Vosges. However, we returned with wonderful material.… Lees verder Back from the Vosges area

Acclaimed Flemish authors

We are delighted that three acclaimed Flemish authors last week confirmed their participation in the Hindenburg Line Project: Prof. dr. Geert Buelens (1971), Flemish poet, essayist , columnist, professor of Modern Dutch Literature at the University of Utrecht and author of Europe to Europe! About the poets of the Great War. Tom Lanoye (1958) ,… Lees verder Acclaimed Flemish authors

Leica Camera AG supports HLP

Recently it was confirmed that the famous company Leica Camera AG from Germany – you may know them as top-brand and quality of their cameras, lenses and binoculars, wholeheartedly supports the Hindenburg Line Project with sympathetic contribution.

De Pont museum supports HLP

We are honored to announce that with the confirmation of mr. Hendrik Driessen, director of the De Pont Museum in Tilburg , our traveling exhibition will be hosted in the Netherlands during spring 2016.

A memorable moment…

21.10.2014  > In the woods at the border of France and Switserland. A memorable moment in our Quest; the famous borne #111 at Pfetterhouse. This is the acutal beginning of the Westfrontline that runs to Nieuport at the coast of Belgium. Curious is the red line that runs on the top of the granite and… Lees verder A memorable moment…

ING Collection supports Hindenburgline Project

Via mrs. Sanne ten Brink and mrs. Caroline Vos, the curators of the renowned ING art collection, the Hindenburg Line Project—in particular the creation of the book— is supported by a sympathetic donation. Thank you so much for your gesture and your confidence!

We’ve completed our Committee of Recommendation!

We are very proud to announce that today we have completed our Committee of Recommendation by welcoming mr. John Cameron-Webb—the British Consul-General to the Netherlands—who is very interested in the matter and has great knowledge on the Battlefields around Ypres. Our committee is formed with wise people from the world of arts, culture, literature, politics,… Lees verder We’ve completed our Committee of Recommendation!